Respectfully Yours DMV – EVERY Saturday at 9am

photoRespectfully Yours the secret to power and influence in your marriage. We know love best motivates a woman. But do we know what best motivates a man? God has designed men and women differently… Join us for Respectfully Yours. Discover the secret that empowers a woman to influence the man in her life. Ephesians 5:33 reveals a truth hidden in plain sight for nearly 2000 years, that a husband is to love and a wife is to respect. All over the country, as women become acquainted with the Love and Respect message they ask, “Can you help me better understand what respect looks like? How do I actually do this?”

Join Blended4Purpose on Meetup at “Love and Respect ~ Respectfully Yours DMV”, EVERY Saturday @ 9am.

Happy New Year!

I would like to wish everyone a Happy New Year! I thank the Lord this year we will all see and live our manifested prayers.

Whatever you believed for, wished for, prayed for, and/or hoped for in 2013! Don’t give up. “Tho it tarry, wait for it!”

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